Cutting-edge amplification technologies
for modern communications standards

Advanced amplification technologies for modern communications standards

Mobile Signal Amplification with Nikrans

If you‘re tired of connection problems, Nikrans mobile signal boosters are the best solution! These devices effectively amplify cellular networks and make mobile Internet 4G and 5G more reliable and stable in the home, office or any other place, including vehicles. This is especially topical today, when more and more traffic is gradually moving to mobile devices. This applies to social networks, mobile games, YouTube videos, movies and even work. In order to use the capabilities of modern gadgets to the maximum, you need a stable Internet connection. Mobile signal boosters will save you from dropped calls, slow 4G/5G Internet, and you can use your smartphone anywhere in the rooms where the booster is located.

Nikrans is a reputable brand of mobile signal amplifiers that offers a large range of models and professional service. The company's product lines include various amplifying systems from simple single-band boosters for calls to pentaband devices for all signal types, including 5G. The cost of the boosters is determined by their characteristics and represents the best combination of price and quality. To obtain advice of any kind, you can call on the services of highly qualified technicians who speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and German.

The excellence of Nikrans mobile signal boosters is also confirmed by a 3-year warranty and the possibility of free support service both before and after the sale. The devices also comply with CE and RoHS certifications and ensure effective signal amplification without any harm to human health.

A mobile signal booster is quite a simple device and its installation will be easy for anyone even without a technical background. The booster unit is installed in the room where signal amplification is required, the external and internal antennas are connected to it with coaxial cables. After the booster is plugged into the socket, the signal is increased to the maximum according to the technical specifications of the device. Each booster goes in a kit with cables and antennas so it’s not necessary to buy them additionally.

Choose the most suitable model for you and enjoy high-quality mobile communications with Nikrans!


The product is CE-certified. CE mark proves that a good is not harmful (dangerous) for its utilizers' health and is safe for environment.


The product is RoHs-compliant. RoHS mark means that possible content of all potentially harmful substances in the product (mercury, lead. etc.) is safe for humans and environment.

3-YEAR Warranty

If you have a problem, it's our problem! You will get free repair of the booster and its accessories during 3 years from a purchase.

Worldwide Delivery

All our signal boosters are shipped by express delivery services like DHL or FedEx that ensures a quick arrival of the ordered booster directly to your home or office address.

About us

Nikrans brand appeared in the year 2013 under registration of Batnik Limited Company. The company has more than a 10-year experience in mobile booster sales having started its work as an official representative of AnyTone brand. Nikrans now offers a rich selection of high-performance mobile signal boosters of its own brand.

Nikrans trademark was launched as a result of experience working with other booster companies and using its own advanced manufacturing technologies. Painstaking research has led to the creation of a high-quality and reliable product for mobile signal amplification. It helped Nikrans to gain a brilliant reputation among its customers.

There’re four booster lines which Nikrans brand offers – LCD, NS, MA and BD series.

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