About Nikrans

Nikrans brand appeared in the year 2013 under registration of Batnik Limited Company. The company has a 6-year experience in mobile booster sales having started its work as an official representative of AnyTone brand. Now it offers a rich variety of highly-effective mobile repeaters among which their own Nikrans brand devices take their important place.

Nikrans brand was launched as a combination of the most advanced technical technologies and experience of work with other booster companies. Thorough brand developments resulted in high quality and reliable product for signal mobile amplification. In spite of young years it helped Nikrans to already acquire brilliant reputation among its customers.

There’re two booster lines which Nikrans brand offer – MA and NS series.

MA series is a standard booster line suitable either for personal or business purposes. MA repeaters improve mobile connections in various zones and in any kinds of locations from small summer houses to large office buildings.

NS series were created for special client orders. These models have large coverage areas as the projects were aimed to improve mobile signal on spacious territories of more than 1000 m². With time these boosters passed into a particular model line and became the part of the brand. Each line include single-, dual- and triband boosters.

Depending on the model MA and NS boosters function at GSM 900, DCS 1800 and 3G 2100 MHz. Two more 4G frequencies 2600 and 1800 MHz added the list with new ampifiers for 4G signal amplification. Currently Nikrans brand comprise 21 MA and 17 NS series models.

All Nikrans brand repeaters comply with CE and RoHS certifications made in Germany. They prove that the equipment is safe and healthy for humans. Before repeaters go on sale they also pass through a number of rigorous quality tests.

Nikrans boosters are produced in the Chinese manufacture. Hundreds of professional technical specialists are involved in the production of mobile repeaters. Part of the work is performed manually and the rest production is implemented on the most innovative machinery.

After the goods are produced they are stored in warehouses in Europe. Nikrans boosters are shipped all around the world and the delivery normally takes 3-5 business days. The company works with the most trustworthy courier companies as DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT, etc.

Nikrans boosters are created to satisfy the needs of the modern users. We were able to develop a product that not only provides with really effective signal amplification, but is also very convenient in use. Nikrans brand devices are light and have small dimensions looking like stylish home accessories. The equipment can be used in any kind of locations from small garages o basements to big hypermarkets and hotels. Just choose the most appropriate model for you and make you mobile communication always pleasant!

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