Accessories for Cell Phone Repeaters

Nikrans offers the following accessories:


If a booster is not able to amplify a mobile signal within the necessary area because of its size or architectural peculiarities, additional antennas may be necessary.

Cables, connectors and connector adapters

Included in a repeater kit, coaxial cables play a very important role in ensuring correct booster functioning. Our catalogue offers both standard cables and cables of non-standard length.

Connectors are used at the points where amplifier parts connect to each other. On our website, there are reliable, low-loss connectors and adapters that will help to mount a booster and all its elements.


By using cellular signal booster splitters, it is possible to divide the signal equally from a single coaxial cable and send it to multiple destination antennas. Splitters are able to distribute the signal effectively providing full coverage in any part of the accommodation.


These elements are required if there is the necessity to distribute power between several antennas unequally. As a result, thanks to couplers, the signal strength will not be lost while the signal is being transmitted to a series of antennas.

Power Adapters

To switch on a booster, it is required to connect it to the electricity supply. For this aim, you should use a power adapter that is designed to be plugged into a wall outlet. These accessories can be also known as AC/DC converters.

Lightning Protection

Most often an outside antenna of the booster is placed high on the roof of a building that makes it a possible target for the lightning strike. In order to avoid a breakdown of any of the signal booster components it is advisable to use lightning protection.

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